Tourfilter is no longer!

It's been just over ten years since April 1, 2006, the day I hit go on the first version of The idea at the heart of it hasn't changed since then: get an email when your favorite bands come to town. We've sent a ton!

Tourfilter changed my life and my sense of what I was capable of in so many ways. It was a daily source of pride and enjoyment for me month in, month out, year in, year out.

Somewhere in there in the last couple years my focus has gone onto other things and now it's time to put tourfilter to bed. The round of notifications we sent out a month or so ago will be our last. For the next few months, you will be able to retrieve your band list here.

So many people have supported and loved tourfilter over the years and that has been the best part of it.

THANK YOU, all of you. It meant so much.

april 19, 2016